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We are your Sydney wide tree service provider with over 20 years of experience. We provide all tree work – tree & stump removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, dead wooding & tree crowning, arborist reports, & land clearing. 24/7 emergency assistance available. Price beat & 100% satisfaction guaranteed! No job too big or small. Fully insured. FREE mulching. FREE Quote!

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Tree work’s inherently dangerous, and the Arborist at Abor Cut Tree Services team takes every step to keep you and your property safe.

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We are dedicated to provide the very best tree removal service in Marsfield, and we achieve this by combining experience, first-rate customer service, and incredible pricing. The company firmly believes that customers’ demands are always addressed using cutting-edge technology, advanced in tree trimming, tree lopping, land clearing, tree felling, tree removal, rubbish removal, and stump grinding. 


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Our team is highly experienced and committed to fast and local service, outstanding customer care, and client satisfaction every step of the way.


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We proudly operate 24/7 across Sydney and the Central Coast – so don’t hesitate to get in touch! We ensure council protected trees as per Canterbury tree preservation orders


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We are dedicated to provide the very best service, and we achieve this by combining experience, first-rate customer service, and incredible pricing.


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Our services include tree removal, pruning, dead wooding, tree stump grinding and tree stump removal– so whatever your need, Abor Cut Tree Services is here to help.

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There are many arborist and tree removal Marsfield companies out there, but Abor Cut Tree Services leaves them behind. Our great range of services in Marsfield we provide is truly second to none. We make sure council tree removal policy are followed and all our work is performed with the highest attention to detail, commitment, and thorough approach that you’d expect from only the best in the business – and we stand by our affordable prices on every job.

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"Abor and his crew were great. Came out to remove three pencil pines and trim an existing tree. Great friendly service. Recommend Abor Cut Tree to anyone looking for tree removal or trimming“


"We had Abor Cut Tree Services remove overhanging branches from our back yard recently, the danger of a falling branch onto our roof had to be sorted out. They were on time and did a professional job."


No tree too high! They clean around wires with no damage. Great safe climbing up a massive gum tree up to 40m high, very polite, fair price. they clean up, a professional outfit. Highly recommend and will reuse in the future.

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There are many arborist and tree removal Sydney companies out there, but Abor Cut Tree Services leaves them behind. We’re:

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Most frequent questions and answers our tree removal Services


How Can I Save Money On Tree Removal?

Request multiple quotes: It’s generally a good idea to receive price quotes from at least three different tree removal companies. Make sure you have a detailed estimate of the work to be done, including the equipment required and the completion date.

Do some of your own work: You can save money on labour by doing some of the preparation work yourself if you are comfortable and have access to the appropriate instruments. For instance, you can chop up the smaller branches and get rid of them on your own while leaving the bigger job to the experts.

Pick a local business: You can save money on transportation fees by working with a local tree removal business. Local firms may also be able to offer more precise estimates because they are frequently more conversant with local laws.

It’s essential to keep in mind that, despite your desire to cut costs on tree removal, the security of your property and the workers is of greatest priority. To guarantee the job is completed safely and successfully, always select a reliable company with experience in tree removal.

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What Does An Arborist Company Do?

An arborist business may provide a variety of services, including:

Tree trimming and pruning: Arborists can shape trees to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches or to shape the tree for aesthetic or practical reasons.

Tree removal: An arborist can safely remove a tree and its stump if it is dead, infected, or creates a safety issue.

Tree bracing and cabling: When a tree has a weak or broken branch, an arborist might place cables or braces to assist support the branch and keep it from breaking.

Consulting services: Additionally, arborists can offer consultancy services to help landowners create a tree care plan or offer guidance on the best course of action for a particular tree-related problem.

Overall, an arborist firm is essential in the care and maintenance of trees, ensuring that they remain healthy, safe, and attractive for many years to come.

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Why Do I Need Tree Removal Services In Marsfield?

You might require tree removal services in Marsfield for a number of reasons, such as:

Dangerous tree: A tree that is dead, ill, or injured might endanger your life and your property. The tree can be removed to avoid falling and causing harm or damage.

Development of real estate: Trees may need to be cut down to make place for construction if you’re planning to enlarge an existing structure or build a new one on your land.

Maintenance of trees: Trees can occasionally get out of control and obstruct power lines or other infrastructure. Your property can be protected and damage can be avoided by getting the tree removed.

Aesthetic appeal: The removal of a tree that is unpleasant or is blocking your view can help you improve the appearance of your property.

Landscaping: In order to generate the space you require for a new garden or landscape design, a tree removal may be required.

In order to ensure the job is completed safely and successfully, it is essential to employ a competent tree removal service in Marsfield. Any size or type of tree removal project can be handled by them because they have the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary.

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How Long Does It Take To Remove A Tree In Marsfield?

Several elements, such as the size and kind of the tree, its position, the tools used for the removal, and any potential obstacles or dangers in the immediate vicinity, might affect how long it takes to remove a tree in Marsfield.

The removal procedure can often be completed in a few hours to a day or more. The process of removing a tree can be broken down into the following steps and approximate times:

Assess the tree: The best way to remove the tree will be chosen after an evaluation of the tree by a professional tree removal service. It can take 30 minutes to an hour to complete this.

Obtain necessary permits: Before starting the removal, it might be essential to secure permissions from the local authorities, depending on the location and size of the tree. This may require a few days to a few weeks.

Prepare the site: The site must be prepped prior to the start of the removal. This might involve clearing a path, putting up safety measures, and choosing the best strategy for taking down the tree. A few hours to a half-day may be needed for this.

Remove the tree: Depending on the size of the tree and the tools used, the actual removal process may take several hours. It can require more time to properly remove the tree if it is in a confined place or close to other impediments.

Clean up the site: After the tree is removed, the site needs to be cleaned up. This can involve removing debris, filling in the hole left by the tree’s roots, and restoring the surrounding area. This can take a few hours to half a day.

Overall, the time it takes to remove a tree in Marsfield will depend on the specific circumstances of the removal. It’s best to consult with a professional tree removal service for an accurate estimate of how long the process will take.

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Is Stump Removal Necessary In Marsfield?

In Marsfield, stump removal is not usually necessary but it is still advised for the following reasons:

Aesthetics: A tree stump can be unappealing and harm your property’s visual appeal.

Safety: Particularly if it is covered by grass or leaves, a tree stump might present a trip risk.

Pest Control: Pests such as termites, ants, and beetles might be attracted to tree stumps and infest your property.

Landscape Design: By getting rid of the stump, you can actually make the space you need for a new garden or landscaping project.

Space: A stump removal might make more room on your property for additional uses.

Even while stump removal isn’t always essential, it’s frequently the greatest choice to keep your property safe and attractive. A skilled Marsfield tree removal firm can evaluate your condition and suggest the most effective line of action for stump removal.

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What Happens To The Tree After It Is Removed In Marsfield?

It’s difficult to give a detailed response without more context or knowledge of the particular circumstances in Marsfield. Yet, in general, depending on the situation and the cause for the removal, various things can happen when a tree is removed. These are some potential outcomes:

1. The tree may be cut down and removed entirely from the property. This could be done if the tree was diseased, damaged, or in a location where it was causing problems such as interfering with power lines or buildings.

2. The tree might be chopped down and the pieces left on the land. If the landowner intends to use the wood for firewood or other purposes, this could be done.

3. The tree might be removed but left standing. The tree’s trunk and branches can be used as habitat for wildlife or to help stop erosion, although this could be done if the tree was dangerous and needed to be destroyed.

4. The tree might be removed and moved somewhere else. If the tree is valuable and the property owner wishes to save it, this could be done.

In any case, it’s essential to adhere to the right processes for tree removal and disposal to ensure safety and prevent environmental harm.

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Is Removing Old Trees Good?

The answer to whether or not removing old trees is beneficial depends on the context and motives for removal.

Health and safety: If an old tree is unhealthy or poses a hazard to people or property, it may be necessary to remove it for public safety.

Restoration: Removing old trees may be part of a restoration attempt in some ecosystems to restore a more natural balance and foster the growth of new, healthier trees.

Biodiversity: Old trees can provide valuable wildlife habitat, and removing them can have a severe influence on local biodiversity.

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What Chemical Quickly Destroys A Tree?

There are a variety of pesticides that can be used to fast kill trees.

Sodium Chlorate: A non-selective herbicide called sodium chlorate is used to manage weeds and other plants, including trees. It functions by preventing the plant from producing chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis.

Glyphosate: A non-selective pesticide frequently used to harm trees is glyphosate. It is applied directly to the tree’s trunk or chopped stump, penetrates the bark, goes to the roots, and ultimately kills the entire tree.

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