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Need Tree Lopping in Hornsby Shire Council Area? Find out why Abor Cut Tree Services is truly a cut above the competition when it comes to friendly service, expert attention & reasonable pricing! Branch out and get in touch today! At tree removal service we take a holistic approach to our work and endeavour to support our clients at every stage.

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We are dedicated to provide the very best tree removal Hornsby service, as per Hornsby council tree removal  guidance and we achieve this by combining experience, first-rate customer service, and incredible pricing. The company firmly believes that customers’ demands are always addressed using cutting-edge technology, advanced in tree trimming, tree lopping, land clearing, tree felling, tree removal, rubbish removal, and stump grinding. Our professional tree removal experts has the experience, skills, and equipment to perform any professional tree service, including entire tree removal. Our tree removal service experts will effectively communicate with customers in order to provide the best service possible.


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We are dedicated to provide the very best service, and we achieve this by combining experience, first-rate customer service, and incredible pricing.


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Our services include tree removal, pruning, dead wooding, tree stump grinding and tree stump removal– so whatever your need, Abor Cut Tree Services is here to help.

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There are many arborist and tree removal Hornsby companies out there, but Abor Cut Tree Services leaves them behind. Our great range of services is truly second to none. We make sure all our work is performed with the highest attention to detail, commitment, and thorough approach that you’d expect from only the best in the business – and we stand by our affordable prices on every job. Our tree removal specialists at Hornsby have handled several tree removal services and have the proper set of knowledge and experience to carry out a professional tree removal service.

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"Thanks to Joe and his team our tree was pruned safely and professionally we now feel limbs won't fall onto our roof. Turned up on time got the job done very quickly and safely. Recommended “


"Joe was excellent! Joe was easy to deal with and flexible.. He arrived on time and got the job done. I will recommend Abor Cut Tree Services Joe to anyone.


Thanks Joe for getting the job done despite swarm of Northern viper wasps attacking. Had bit of a laugh on the way. Job complete. Thank you

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There are many arborist and tree removal Sydney companies out there, but Abor Cut Tree Services leaves them behind. We’re:

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What is the fine for cutting down trees in Hornsby?

The fine for cutting down trees in Hornsby, Australia may vary depending on the circumstances and the severity of the offense. In general, illegal tree removal can result in fines of up to $5,500 for individuals and up to $11,000 for corporations, per offense. Repeat offenders or those who commit more serious offenses may face higher fines or even prosecution.

It's also worth mentioning that certain types of trees in Hornsby are protected by rules, such as those that are over a particular height or have considerable ecological or cultural importance. Without permission, cutting down these trees might result in even larger penalties or legal action.

If you have specific information regarding a specific case or scenario, you should approach the Hornsby Shire Council or a legal professional for more accurate and up-to-date information.

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What permission is required to cut a tree in Hornsby?

The permission required to cut a tree can depend on a number of factors, such as the location of the tree, the type of tree, and the reason for cutting it down. In general, cutting down a tree may require one or more of the following permissions or permits:

Council Approval: To remove or cut trees on private or public land in many localities, including Hornsby, a permit from the local council may be necessary. This permission may demand a full report on the health and condition of the tree, the cause for its removal, and the procedures that will be taken to replant or replace it.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO): Certain trees in particular regions may be preserved by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). This means they cannot be removed without the approval of the local government, and fines may be enforced if they are removed illegally.

Development Application (DA): A Development Application (DA) may be necessary if the tree is located on a property where development is planned. A report from a competent arborist or tree expert, as well as consent from the local government, are usually required.

State or Federal Permits: Trees may be protected under state or federal laws in some circumstances owing to their ecological or cultural importance. Before the tree may be removed, a permit or approval from a state or federal government may be required.

It's important to note that the regulations surrounding tree removal can vary widely depending on the location and circumstances. If you're unsure about whether permission is required to remove a tree, it's best to consult with a qualified arborist or the local council to avoid potential fines or legal action.

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What is the process of cutting down trees in Hornsby?

The process of cutting down trees in Hornsby, Australia can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location and size of the tree, the reason for removal, and any regulations that may be in place to protect the tree or the environment. However, the general process for tree removal in Hornsby typically involves the following steps:

Determine if permission is required: Before removing a tree, check with the local council to see whether any permits or licences, such as a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or a Development Application (DA), are necessary.

Hire a qualified arborist: It is advised that you engage a competent and experienced arborist to inspect the tree and provide removal suggestions. They may also assist with acquiring the required licences and ensuring that the removal is completed securely and promptly.

Plan the removal: The arborist will often develop a strategy for removing the tree, taking into consideration factors such as the tree's size and position, any risks, and any necessary equipment.

Remove the tree: Cutting down the tree, removing the stump and any residual debris, and disposing of it in an ecologically appropriate manner may all be part of the tree removal procedure. To securely and efficiently remove the tree, the arborist will often utilise specialised equipment such as chainsaws, wood chippers, and cranes.

It's important to note that cutting down trees without proper permits or approvals can result in significant fines and legal action, so it's important to follow the necessary steps and regulations before proceeding with any tree removal.

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Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property?

The laws governing the removal of trees on your property may differ based on where you live. In general, you should check with your local government or forestry department to see if you need a permit or authorization to remove a tree on your property.

There are numerous places where it is illegal to chop down particular species or sizes of trees, or trees in certain regions such as protected forests or wetlands. Furthermore, some municipalities have rules in place that require property owners to obtain a permit before removing trees of a certain size or type, or that require the replanting of new trees after the removal of existing trees.

Before chopping down a tree on your property, it's essential to understand the relevant legislation in your region and check with local authorities.

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Should I cut down tree close to house?

The decision to take down a tree near your home is influenced by various considerations, including the tree's health and condition, its position, and the possible threats it offers. Here are some things to consider:

Health and Condition: If the tree is sick, diseased, or dead, it is more likely to fall and cause property damage. Furthermore, if the tree is leaning or has visible damage to its trunk or branches, it may fall and cause damage.

Location: If the tree is close enough to your house that its branches or trunk could potentially fall on your home, it may be best to remove it. Additionally, if the tree is close to power lines, it could pose a risk of electrical hazards if it falls.

Risk: Consider the possibility of a tree falling and its consequences. If the tree is huge, has large branches, or leans towards the home, it may represent a greater risk.

Benefits: Consider the tree's advantages, such as shade or attractiveness. If the tree is healthy and not a hazard, it may be preferable to leave it alone.

Overall, it's important to consult with a certified arborist or tree removal service to assess the tree's health and condition and determine whether it needs to be removed. They can also advise you on the safest and most effective way to remove the tree and any potential risks associated with it.

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What is the best tool to cut high tree branches?

The ideal instrument for cutting high tree branches will rely on numerous aspects, including branch height, branch thickness, and tree kind. Consider the following tools:

Pole Pruner: A pole pruner is a pruning instrument with a long handle with a pruning saw or lopper at the end. It is intended for cutting tiny branches that are inaccessible by hand. It works well on branches smaller than 1 inch in diameter and less than 12 feet from the ground.

Pruning Saw: A pruning saw is a long-handled saw with a curved or straight blade that is used to chop bigger branches. It works well on branches 1 to 4 inches in diameter and within 10 to 12 feet of the ground.

Chainsaw: A chainsaw is a strong weapon for cutting branches of various sizes. It is ideally suited for bigger branches with diameters more than 4 inches and those are beyond the reach of a pole pruner or pruning saw. Chainsaws, on the other hand, require specialised expertise and training to use properly, so take caution and adhere to all safety rules.

Bucket Truck: A bucket truck may be necessary for particularly tall branches. This is a vehicle equipped with a hydraulic lift that can hoist a worker to the branch's height. This is often utilised for branches 30 feet or higher, or for difficult-to-access trees.

Overall, the best tool for cutting high tree branches will depend on the specific situation and the level of expertise and equipment available. It's important to use caution and follow all safety guidelines when working with trees, especially when cutting branches at heights.

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What is the hazard during tree cutting?

There are several hazards associated with tree cutting that should be considered to ensure the safety of workers and bystanders. Here are some of the main hazards:

Falling objects: During the cutting operation, tree branches and debris may suddenly fall, posing a risk of harm or damage to persons and property below.

Equipment malfunction: Tree-chopping tools, such as chainsaws, can fail or malfunction, putting users at risk of harm or property damage.

Working at height: Working at heights is frequently required while cutting trees, such as when climbing trees or using a crane to take away big limbs. This presents a serious fall risk.

Electrical hazards: There is a chance of electrical shock or explosion if the tree is close to power lines or other electrical equipment.

To mitigate these hazards, it's important to follow safety protocols and use appropriate safety equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, ear protection, and safety harnesses. Tree cutting should only be performed by experienced professionals who are trained in proper cutting techniques and safety measures. It's also important to obtain any necessary permits and ensure that the work is being done in compliance with local regulations and environmental laws.

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Do trees have legal rights in Hornsby?

Through Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and other municipal laws, trees do indeed have legal rights in Hornsby and other parts of Australia. TPOs are legal tools created to prevent the unpermitted damage or destruction of trees that have considerable environmental, social, or cultural significance. TPOs are used in Hornsby to save trees on both private and public property.

Specific trees or groups of trees may be designated as protected under TPOs, and any action that would endanger the health or stability of the tree requires approval from the local council. To ensure that trees are managed in a way that minimises the impact on the environment, the council may also have particular standards for tree maintenance, trimming, and removal.

In addition to TPOs, additional municipal ordinances or environmental legislation that preserve trees and other natural resources may exist. Before cutting down or otherwise harming trees in Hornsby or globally, check with the local government and secure the required permissions or approvals. Failure to follow with these standards can result in large penalties and proceedings.

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