What is in a mulch & what is the purpose on surface of soil?

Introduction of Mulch

Mulch is a protective layer of material put to the surface of the soil to conserve soil moisture, improve soil fertility and health, reduce week growth, and improve the visual appeal of the region.

Mulch is typically but not always organic in nature. The mulch is inexpensive, widely available, and easily applied and removed; it remains in place well, offers organic matter to the soil, and protects trees from noxious weeds, insects, and disease.

Types of Mulch

Mulch is classified into two types: organic and inorganic.

Organic Mulch

There are two forms of mulch present in living material: organic and inorganic organic mulch. Sources of organic mulch are listed below:
1. Chopped leaves
2. Straw
3. Wood chips
4. Shredded bark
5. Sawdust
6. Pine needles 
7. Paper

In Organic Mulch

1. Black Plastic
2. Geo Textiles

This form of mulch is utilised on slopes and, as an added advantage, certain shredded bark mulches are by-products of other industries and are thought to be environmentally friendly. Embedded bark comes from a range of sources, including cedar trees, which is the best protective barrier. 

Mulching techniques such as surface mulching, vertical mulching, polythene mulching, pebble mulching, dust mulching, live vegetative barriers, and straw mulching increase soil moisture, reduce soil erosion, maintain soil temperature, and control weeds in the garden that harm our plants and parasitic weeds that can kill them.

Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation have increased global temperatures year-round, disrupting the equilibrium of the global agroecological system. Therefore, in order to produce food sustainably, we need innovative eco-friendly agricultural techniques. By lowering soil evaporation and other factors, mulching may be able to accomplish the goal. Additionally, mulches may benefit agriculture and landscaping in terms of economics, aesthetics, and the environment. Mulches are also frequently utilised for tree planting in restoration locations. In conclusion, crop type management procedures and meteorological factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a mulching material.

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